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EcoActive SafeWorld

The Early Days
Since the 1980\\\'s, when SafeWorld began its involvement with the development and marketing of the original CAN-GUN, we have consciously chosen to make the product entirely out of 100% non-toxic, recycled plastic. To this day and many millions of CAN-GUNs later, we continue this practice because we realize that every choice we make has a direct impact on our natural environment.

Our Commitment
At SafeWorld‘s factory and office, we recycle all plastic, paper, metal and glass that is capable of being recycled, and we purchase office papers and shipping/packaging materials that have as high a percentage of recycled content as possible.

Ongoing Environmental Stewardship
Beginning in the 1990‘s, in a proactive and voluntary move, SafeWorld chose to reduce the size of the original CAN-GUN‘s header card by 50%. This effort translated into direct resource savings, reduced freight costs, and a decrease in our carbon footprint. We further reduced our carbon footprint in the 1990‘s by locating all of our manufacturing in the Midwest due to its centralized shipping location and proximity to our materials suppliers.

CANGUN1 & Our Environment
With the release of the our latest, trend-setting, patented, made-in-the-USA CANGUN1, SafeWorld will, once again, be at the forefront of materials/carbon footprint reduction with our recyclable, space saving header card held in place by designed-in attachment points within the CANGUN1‘s body. The direct result: CANGUN1 incorporates Zero-Waste packaging, eliminating ALL non-essential packaging materials normally associated with items sold at retail.

100% Carbon Neutral Shipping
In our continued pro-active effort to further reduce it’s total carbon footprint, effective April 6, 2010, SafeWorld has transformed every shipment from its factory into a 100% carbon neutral shipment via the services of GreenShipping.com and it’s offset partner Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). BEF is a non-profit organization who uses proceeds from the offset sales to fund environmental education, to expand the use of renewable energy, and for projects like restoration of watersheds. More information at: http://www.b-e-f.org

Our Plastic
SafeWorld chooses to manufacture both the original CAN-GUN and CANGUN1 from non-toxic, rugged, environmentally preferred, recycled #5 polypropylene (100% and 77.3% respectively). This rugged material shows an unusual resistance to all known chemicals and an ability to maintain all other beneficial properties over time. These attributes translate into a long and productive product service life. That‘s good for the environment and great for your wallet.

On Recycling
According to Wikipedia: “Recycling involves processing used materials into new products in order to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for ‘conventional’ waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin production.”
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