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Ken Becker, CANGUN1 Inventor


Over 277,000 Handyman How-To Members Receive Positive CANGUN1 Review!

On May 28th, 2009, Gary Legwold of The Handyman Club of America, wrote a very positive 'Handy Toolbox' review of CANGUN1. This email was sent to over 277,000 Handyman How-To members! You can read this review below or by following this link:

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May 28, 2009

Become a Trigger-Happy Spray Painter

With all the woes in the world, it's hard to whine about spray painting. But, c'mon, doesn't it bug you when you spray a big project and your hand cramps up from holding down that dinky nozzle? And when your fingertip ends up all black or blue or whatever color you're painting? Hate it when that happens.

Here's a whine-away product that we like: CANGUN1. Made of recycled plastic, it easily slips onto the top of all spray cans and provides more spraying control with less aggravation to your hand and forearm.

You cannot grab the CANGUN1 handle to shake the can; grab the can to shake. But the long trigger and the handle angle combine to increase leverage action on the spray-can nozzle, which makes spraying easy and accurate.

Oh, and your fingertips remain paint-free.

Gary Legwold
The Handyman Club of America

CANGUN1 E-Toolbox Review