CANGUN1 Earns 99% Approval Rating *TWICE* Is Awarded Handyman and Nat'l Street Machine's Member/Garage Tested and Recommended SEALS OF APPROVAL!!!

Greetings Friends!!!


Of the nearly Two Thousand Handyman & National Street Machine Club testers who received a CANGUN1 to evaluate, based on those Member/Testers who sent in their written product reports to the
Handyman/NSM Club Headquarters...

CANGUN1 Has Achieved

"99% Member Tested & Approval Ratings"
From Both Clubs' Member/Testers!
This Places CAN-GUN1 in the Top 5% Of All Products
Ever Tested by The Members of Both Clubs!!!


What do our 99% Approval Ratings mean?

Well, first it means that we have been granted permission to utilize the Handyman & Nat'l Street Machine Member/Garage Tested & Recommended Seals Of Approval on all advertising & packaging. But most importantly, it means that the Member/Testers mentioned above are some of the first Spray Happy CANGUN1 users to find out what the world will soon know ... that CANGUN1, with its world's first FullGrip Trigger & 2X leverage with Patent Pending Exclusive Internal Design, ELIMINATES the Finger Pain/Numbness & Wrist/Hand Fatigue normally associated with extended use of a spray can, while providing complete, precision, professional control of the can's contents.

has now been proven to be the:

• Easiest to Use

• Highest Rated
Most Reasonably Priced
Premium Spray Can Tool
On Earth!

Go to Ace Hardware, ask for Ace item # 1390657 CANGUN1. If they don't have it in stock, ask your friendly Ace person to order CANGUN1 via Ace's 'Acenet' system.

Thank You Handyman and Nat'l Street Machine Members/Testers, one and all!

Look for the printed review of CANGUN1 in
the Oct/Nov issue of Handyman Magazine
which will be mailed out on approx. Sept. 21st, 2009 and the Upcoming Nat'l Street Machine Nov/Dec. Issue for full Member Test Results!

A BIG Thank You To Pathways Enterprise, Suzie Walton & Crew, of Ashland, Oregon for
providing the awesome help in getting the above mentioned samples
out to all the Member/Testers! Your help has been invaluable!!!

All the best to your and your families during these days
of challenge and interdependant resoucefulness!

Ken Becker, CANGUN1 Inventor & President
SafeWorld Int'l., Inc.